What Is A Trach Collar?

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Tracheostomy, a surgical procedure involving the creation of an opening in the neck to access the trachea, is sometimes necessary to provide respiratory support for individuals with certain medical conditions. In tracheostomy care, various medical devices and accessories are used to ensure the patient’s well-being and comfort. One such device is a trach collar. In this article, we will delve into the concept of a trach collar, explore its purpose in tracheostomy care, and discuss its significance in facilitating respiratory support and patient comfort.

What Is A Trach Collar?

A trach collar, also known as a tracheostomy collar or tracheostomy speaking valve, is a medical device specifically designed for individuals with a tracheostomy. It is a collar-like apparatus that is placed around the patient’s neck, covering the tracheostomy tube and securing it in place. The trach collar is connected to a humidified oxygen source or a ventilator system, allowing for the delivery of oxygen or positive pressure ventilation to support the patient’s breathing.

Purpose Of A Trach Collar:

  1. Respiratory Support: The primary purpose of a trach collar is to provide respiratory support to individuals with a tracheostomy. The collar is connected to an oxygen source or a ventilator system, which delivers the necessary amount of oxygen or positive pressure ventilation directly to the tracheostomy tube. This assists in maintaining adequate oxygen levels and facilitates the exchange of gases in the lungs, supporting the patient’s breathing.
  2. Speaking And Swallowing Assistance: In addition to respiratory support, trach collars often feature speaking valves or Passy-Muir valves that allow patients to vocalize by redirecting airflow through the vocal cords. This helps individuals with a tracheostomy regain their ability to speak and communicate effectively. Some trach collars also facilitate swallowing and eating by providing a mechanism to temporarily cover the tracheostomy tube during meals.
  3. Patient Comfort: Trach collars are designed with patient comfort in mind. They are typically adjustable, allowing for a customized fit around the patient’s neck. The collar is often made of soft, hypoallergenic materials to minimize irritation or discomfort. By securing the tracheostomy tube in place and providing a secure connection to the oxygen source or ventilator system, the trach collar ensures stability and reduces the risk of accidental dislodgement.
  4. Mobility And Independence: Trach collars offer increased mobility and independence for individuals with a tracheostomy. With the assistance of a trach collar, patients can move around more freely, perform activities of daily living, and engage in rehabilitation exercises. The collar’s lightweight and portable design make it easier for patients to maintain an active lifestyle while still receiving the necessary respiratory support.


Trach collars are essential devices in tracheostomy care, providing respiratory support, facilitating speech, and enhancing patient comfort. By delivering oxygen or positive pressure ventilation, trach collars ensure adequate airflow to the lungs, assisting individuals with compromised respiratory function. Additionally, they enable patients to speak, swallow, and engage in daily activities more effectively. With their adjustable and comfortable design, trach collars contribute to patient mobility, independence, and overall well-being in tracheostomy management.

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What Is The Difference Between A Trach And A Trach Collar?

A tracheostomy is the actual opening thru the neck into the trachea creating an alternative airway. It may or may not have a plastic tube in it. A trach collar is a device that goes over the tracheostomy and provides humidification and supplemental O2 if needed.

Is A Trach Collar Better Than A Ventilator?

The other is to reduce the pressure support supplied via the ventilator. The study found tracheostomy collars significantly outperformed pressure support in helping patients breathe on their own again.

What Are The Advantages Of A Trach Collar?

It may allow a person with chronic breathing difficulties to talk. It may eliminate the need for care in an intensive care unit. It builds a more stable airway that is less likely to suffer serious injuries. It may improve breathing.

Can You Talk With A Trach Collar?

If the cuff is inflated (filled with air), it will prevent air from moving through your vocal cords. This will stop you from making noise or speech. If the cuff is deflated, the air is able to move around the trach and through your vocal cords, and you should be able to make sounds.


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