How To Save Snapchat Videos?

A lot of Snapchat users still don’t know how to save Snapchat videos. Snapchat is a popular social media app that is mostly known for short-term posts. The main mode of communication on Snapchat is images and videos. If you wish to keep a record of every video you take on Snapchat, you have to save these videos. In today’s post, I will teach you how to save videos on Snapchat in detail. Luckily, there are ways to save Snapchat videos to your phone’s camera roll. You can keep on reading to find out how to save Snapchat videos.

How To Save Snapchat Videos?

In this section, I will show you how to save Snapchat videos. There is an expiration date for your photos and videos on Snapchat. To extend the life of your content, you need to save them.

Follow these steps to know how to save Snapchat videos to camera roll.

  1. Open the Snapchat app and take a video.
  2. You’ll see several options on the right side and bottom menu bars.
  3. From the bottom menu bar, tap on the downward pointing arrow.
  4. A “Save Snap” pop-up message will appear on your screen.
  5. Choose either Memories or Memories & Camera Roll.
  6. After selecting the option you want, tap on Save.

When the downward pointing arrow becomes a checkmark, your Snapchat video is saved successfully. However, you can follow the same steps if you also want to know how to save Snapchat videos on iPhone. The saved video can be accessed from the Snapchat folder of your phone’s Photos app

If you choose the Memories option, the Snapchat video will be saved in your Snap Memories. You can save a video from your Snap Memories to your phone’s Photos app. 

For this, open Snapchat >> swipe up to access the Memories section >> select a video. Then, tap on Edit >> select Export >> choose Download. The Snapchat video will be now saved in your phone’s Photos app.

Save Snapchat Videos From Story

You have arrived at the right place if you are looking for a way to save a video you shared in your Snapchat Story. Follow these steps to learn how to save Snapchat videos from your own story.

  1. Open Snapchat and then tap on the Bitmoji icon.
  2. This will open up your Snapchat profile page.
  3. You’ll see your uploaded stories in the My Story section.
  4. Here, tap on the three-dot menu and select Save Story.
  5. A confirmation message will pop up on the screen.
  6. Then, tap on Yes to save the entire Snapchat video to your Memories. 
  7. Navigate to Memories and long-press the recently saved video.
  8. Tap the Export button and then tap on the Download button.

The Snapchat video will now be saved to your camera roll. You can use this method to save all your Snapchat videos from Stories to your Memories. To save individual stories, tap on your story >> swipe up on the screen >> tap on the Save button.

Let us now check out how to save Snapchat videos sent to you.

Save Snapchat Videos Sent To You

Many people among us often wonder how to save a Snap someone sent to you to camera roll. It is very easy to download your own content on Snapchat. But it’s a bit tricky when it comes to downloading someone else’s video on Snapchat.

You can use the iPhone’s Screen Recording feature to save Snapchat videos sent to you. Follow these steps to learn how to save a Snapchat video on your iPhone.

  1. On your iOS device, launch the Snapchat app from Homescreen.
  2. Swipe down from the top to bring down the Control Center.
  3. Here, choose the Screen Recording option and wait for it to start.
  4. Go back to Snapchat and play the video you want to save.
  5. When the video is finished, tap on the red bar over the clock.
  6. From the pop-up alert, choose Stop.

Once the Screen Recording stops, your video will be downloaded and saved in the Photos app. 

Sometimes, the Screen Recording option is not there in the Control Center. Go to Settings >> choose Control Center >> select Customize Controls >> tap the green + button next to Screen Recordings.

Save Snapchat Videos Sent To You On Android

Now, you must be wondering how to save a Snapchat video someone sent you on Android. Android users will need a third-party app like AZ Screen Recorder to save a Snapchat video on Android. Follow these steps to save Snapchat videos sent to you on Android.

  1. Download and launch the AZ Screen Recorder app on your Android device.
  2. Next, open Snapchat and tap the floating AZ Screen Recorder icon.
  3. Then, select the Camera icon.
  4. Now, select Start Now.
  5. Open the Snapchat video you want to save.
  6. Finally, tap on the Stop button to stop recording.

Thus, the video will now be saved into your Photos app. 

Save Snapchat Videos In Chat

Do you know how to save Snapchat videos without them knowing? Snapchat is very strict when it comes to privacy! The user who sent you the Snap will receive a notification that you’ve screen recorded the video.

You can follow these steps to learn how to save Snapchat videos in chat.

  1. Open Snapchat and then go to the chat to save a Snap.
  2. Press and hold on to the Snap you want to save.
  3. Then, choose Save in Chat.

Otherwise, you can also swipe up on Snap and choose Save in Chat. keep in mind that video Snaps set to the loop can be saved in Chat. 

Note: You can use another phone to record the video to avoid getting caught!

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How Do You Save Snapchat To Camera Roll Without Them Knowing?

On an Android, open a Snap and turn on Airplane Mode before screenshotting to avoid sending a notification. After screenshotting on Airplane Mode, force-stop Snapchat and clear the app’s cache. Use a screen mirroring app like ApowerMirror on your iPhone or Android to screenshot a Snapchat anonymously.

Can You Save Snapchat Videos Without Them Knowing?

Launch Snapchat and tap on the Story you wish to save on your device. The Snapchat screen will appear on your computer with two icons. The Red icon is for recording while the other icon is for full screen. Click on the Red icon to record the desired Snapchat Story that you wish to save without them knowing about it.

Why Can’t I Save Snapchat Videos In Chat?

Only video snaps set to an infinite loop can be saved. Open Snapchat and take a video snap by pressing and holding the capture button. On the edit screen, look for the Snap timer button in the right rail and select it. It’s an icon of an infinite symbol inside a loop.

Why Can’t Others Save My Snaps?

Only photo Snaps with no set time limit or video snaps set to an infinite loop can be saved. If the photo or video has a finite timer, it cannot be saved without taking a screenshot or using screen recording software.


In the above post, I’ve discussed how to save videos in Snapchat. Snapchat is a popular instant messaging app where its users can send and upload multimedia content. To save Snapchat videos to your camera roll, open Snapchat >> take video >> tap on the down arrow symbol. Then, choose Memories & Camera Roll >> tap on Save. From a privacy point of view, you can save Snapchat videos sent to you via Screen Recorder. Keep in mind that the user may get notified if you screen-record their video. By learning how to save Snapchat videos, you can directly download and access saved videos from your camera roll.