How To Save Brushes In SAI?

SAI (PaintTool SAI) is a popular digital art software that is widely used by artists and designers. One of the key features of SAI is its brush engine, which allows users to create and customize their own brushes. In this blog, we will discuss how to save brushes in SAI, so you can easily access and use them in future projects.

How To Save Brushes In SAI?

Step 1: Create A New Brush

Before you can save a brush, you need to create one. Open up SAI and navigate to the “Brush” panel on the left side of the screen. From here, you can select any existing brush and modify its settings to create your own custom brush.

Once you have your brush settings adjusted to your liking, click on the “Save brush” button located at the bottom of the brush panel. This will bring up a new window where you can name and save your brush.

Step 2: Name And Save Your Brush

In the “Save brush” window, you can enter a name for your brush in the “Brush name” field. Make sure to choose a descriptive name that will make it easy to identify your brush in the future.

Next, choose a folder to save your brush in. By default, SAI will save your brushes in the “Brush” folder located in the installation directory. However, you can create a new folder and save your brush there if you prefer.

Once you have entered a name and selected a folder, click on the “Save” button to save your brush.

Step 3: Access Your Saved Brush

To access your saved brush, simply navigate to the folder where you saved it. You can also access your brushes from within SAI by clicking on the “Open brush” button located at the bottom of the brush panel.

From here, you can select your saved brush and it will be added to your brush panel for easy access.

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How Do You Download Brushes For SAI 2?


  1. Go to the folder where SAI is installed.
  2. Copy or uncompress the new brush or texture image files on the folders specified by the brush or texture author (i.e. tilemap, plot map, brushes, or paper text).
  3. Edit the corresponding conf file or files.
  4. Restart SAI (quit and open it again).

How Do I Import A Brush Set File?

brush set file from an app like Google Drive.

  1. Locate the .brushset file in Google Drive.
  2. Tap the three little dots.
  3. Select Open in.
  4. Navigate to Copy to Procreate (if it doesn’t show up, try selecting More)
  5. Tada! Your new brush set is imported into the Procreate app.

How Do I Import Clip Brushes?

You can import brushes into Clip Studio Paint by simply dragging and dropping an abr file containing Photoshop brush settings onto the Clip Studio Paint’s brushes panel.

How Can I Save My Paintings?

  1. Avoid or limit direct sunlight.
  2. Know when to frame with acrylic plexiglass, not glass.
  3. Pay attention to humidity.
  4. Watch your hands.
  5. Keep your glass or acrylics squeaky clean.
  6. Dust—don’t clean—your paintings.
  7. Don’t leave your art in a tube.
  8. Keep your stored artwork separated.


In conclusion, saving brushes in SAI is a quick and easy process that can save you time and make your workflow more efficient. By creating and saving your own custom brushes, you can create unique digital art and designs that stand out from the crowd.


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