How To Save Asriel?

How To Save Asriel? Asriel is a beloved character from the video game Undertale. Throughout the game, players must make various choices that impact Asriel’s fate. If you want to save Asriel and see him at the end of the game, there are certain choices you must make. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the steps to save Asriel in Undertale.

How To Save Asriel?

Step 1: Spare Asriel

The first step in saving Asriel is to spare him during the final boss fight. When fighting Asriel, he will ask you to fight him with all your strength. However, if you choose to spare him, he will eventually come to his senses and end the fight.

Step 2: Be Kind To Asriel

Throughout the game, be kind to Asriel and treat him with compassion. This will help build your relationship with him and make it more likely that he will be saved in the end.

Step 3: Don’t Kill Any Monsters

Throughout the game, avoid killing any monsters. This is important because the game tracks the number of monsters you’ve killed, and if you’ve killed too many, Asriel cannot be saved.

Step 4: Befriend Undyne And Alphys

To save Asriel, you must also befriend Undyne and Alphys. To befriend Undyne, you must spare her during your battle. To befriend Alphys, you must complete her side quest.

Step 5: Get The True Ending

To save Asriel, you must get the true ending of the game. This involves completing various tasks and making specific choices throughout the game. We won’t go into all the details here, but some of the key tasks include completing the side quests for various characters, talking to them at key moments, and sparing everyone in the final boss fight.

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How Do You Spare Asriel?

Just keep holding on. You literally cannot die. Just hold out for a while, then he should enter a second phase. When this happens, you should eventually be given the option to save all your friends’ souls.

How Does Asriel Come Back To Life?

Gaster injected Determination into one of the Golden Flowers in Asgore Dreemurr’s Home, which was the first one to bloom. The flower, filled with the will to live, had absorbed the essence and ashes of Asriel, and as a result, Asriel returned to life in the form of a flower.

Can You Pacifist Asriel?

Asriel Dreemurr is the true final boss of Undertale, coming after you’ve explored the bonus True Laboratory section. The following boss comes at the end of a complete Pacifist playthrough – in short, going through the entire game without killing anything to unlock a different ending.

What Happens If You Don’t Forgive Asriel?

Frisk can choose to forgive or not forgive Asriel, and comfort or not comfort Asriel. If you don’t forgive him, he understands. If you comfort him, you give Asriel a hug. At the very end of the Pacifist ending Frisk and Asriel talk around the flowers where Asriel died and Chara was buried.


In conclusion, saving Asriel in Undertale requires making specific choices and completing various tasks throughout the game. By sparing him during the final boss fight, being kind to him throughout the game, avoiding killing monsters, befriending Undyne and Alphys, and getting the true ending, you can save Asriel and see him at the end of the game.


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