How To Save A Dying Pine Tree?

Learn how to save a dying pine tree to keep it looking beautiful for years to come! Just like living things, even trees have a lifecycle. During their lifecycle, they experience periods of growth, illness, infestation, and other factors. Due to our busy schedule, we often forget that trees need regular inspections and maintenance. In today’s article, we will talk about how to save a dying pine tree. There are different signs that pine trees will give you that they’re not doing well. You can now keep on reading further to learn more about how to save a dying pine tree.

How To Save A Dying Pine Tree?

In this section, I will show you how to save a dying pine tree. Pine trees are the best conifer trees to plant as they can grow in different soil types. These trees are quite tough and will stay strong even in harsh climatic conditions. Just like other trees, pine trees are also susceptible to pests and diseases.

Here are a few methods you can try to learn how to save a pine tree from dying.

  1. Get rid of affected parts
  2. Keep them hydrated
  3. Improve the drainage around pine trees
  4. Use Pesticides
  5. Contact tree experts

Pine trees generally require little to no maintenance but are prone to dying if you fail to provide proper care. If you are interested to know more about how to save a dying pine tree sapling, then continue reading.

Different Ways To Save A Dying Pine Tree 

It is very sad when your backyard pine tree is dying dramatically! Luckily, there are some ways to save a dying pine tree. Here, I’ll explain how to treat pine tree turning brown.

1. Get rid of affected parts

You can easily save your dying pine tree by simply cutting off all the affected parts of the tree. Infected or dead branches can easily spread out the disease or infection to other parts of the tree. So, it’s important to get rid of all affected parts immediately as soon as you spot them.

Just make sure you cut the parts at a 45-degree angle to encourage new and healthier growth. Do not worry, your pine tree will recover naturally after cutting the infected and dead parts.

You can keep on reading to learn more about how to save a dying pine tree and try other methods.

2. Keep them hydrated

If your pine trees are suffering from drought, they will gradually turn brown from top to bottom. But can a dead pine tree be revived? Yes, you can easily fix this condition by giving your tree enough water during the dry season. Before that, stick your finger into the soil around the tree and check if the soil feels dry. You need to water your pine tree more often if the soil is dry.

For this, create holes (six inches deep) around the pine tree and then use a hose to water the holes. This ensures that the moisture reaches the roots of the tree faster. You can do this every three weeks during the dry season or until your tree starts looking better.

3. Improve the drainage around pine trees

During the rainy season, your pine needles start to change color. This can be a sign of waterlogged roots. This can be a serious issue and can cause root rot. You must improve the drainage around your pine tree to solve this issue. Simply install tile drains to capture excess water in the soil. You can also add more organic matter to the soil around the tree. This will improve moisture retention and soil drainage to a great extent.

Keep on reading further to learn more about how to save a dying pine tree.

4. Use Pesticides

Not every time environmental factors are responsible for pine tree browning. Your pine tree may suffer from pest infestation or have a fungal disease. Check your pine tree’s needles, branches, and bark for insects and holes. In case you have a fungal or pest problem, you need to treat your pine tree immediately. For this, you can contact a gardener or visit a local home store for the best solution to treat this issue.

5. Contact tree experts

Knowing how to save a dying pine tree may come in handy when you are dealing with a sick tree. If all the above methods fail to work, you can reach out to a professional tree expert for assistance. Stop wasting your time guessing how to tell if a pine tree is dying, instead contact these people. Experts will inspect your pine tree and determine the best solution for treating it.

You can keep on reading to learn more about how to save a dying pine tree.

Save A Dying Baby Pine Tree

I hope you’ve understood how to save a dying pine tree mature. Baby pine trees are very delicate and may die due to heavy rain or extreme drought. When  moisture is excess and drainage is poor, it can lead to root rot. However, browning can happen due to the inability of the pine tree to uptake enough water to keep its needles alive. But do you know how to save a dying baby pine tree? You can save your baby pine tree by cutting off the affected parts, improving drainage, and supplying enough water when necessary.

Save A Dying Potted Pine Tree

Now, you must be wondering how to save a dying potted pine tree. You can quickly save your dying potted pine tree by placing the tree in a waterproof container filled with water. Make sure you keep 1 to 2 inches deep water in it. Or else, you can place crushed ice over the soil when it feels dry.

However, you can use the same trick to know how to save a dying plant tree from transplant shock. You can even add a 2-4 inches deep layer of mulch from the tree’s base if required.

Signs To Spot A Dying Pine Tree

After learning how to save a dying pine tree, you must learn to examine your pine tree’s health to provide proper care. Here we have listed spoilage signs or symptoms to stop a dying pine tree.

  • Needle discoloration is the first sign you’ll notice when it comes to unhealthy pine trees.
  • Your pine tree will turn brown, yellow, or grayish-green on one part of the tree.
  • Another visible sign is falling branches due to weak branches.
  • You may notice holes in your pine tree in its trunks and branches.
  • If you notice black spots on your pine tree, there might be a possibility that your pine tree has a fungal disease.

What To Do With Dead Pine Tree?

You can use your dead pine tree in different ways like chipping it down into woodchips. You can even mulch it and used it to landscape and garden. Or else you can put into splitting in a wood chipper to make your own firewood.

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What Causes Dead Pine Trees?

The cause of tree decline and death is often complex. Environmental stress may predispose the tree to be attacked by insects or diseases or kill the tree outright in events like drought or flooding. Exposure to herbicides or road salts can also cause damage or stress.

What Is The Best Fertilizer For Pine Trees?

A granular, slow-release fertilizer is the best option for fertilizing pine trees. Several formulations designed for evergreens are available. An organic granular fertilizer such as Espoma Evergreen-Tone 4-3-4 will provide a slow-release, well-balanced supply of nutrients in addition to beneficial soil microbes.

Can Pine Trees Recover?

Pines can be restored largely by removing broken, hanging, and detached branches. The pine on the left has only one or two limbs that need to be removed. One broken limb remains green on the lower right side of the canopy. This should be removed back to the smaller living lateral branch that remains green.

What Helps Pine Trees Grow?

As mentioned earlier, they are typically not shade nor drought tolerant, simply making sure that they are well irrigated and get full sun is enough for them to thrive. Soil — The ideal soil for pine trees is “moist” not dry or wet. This can be accomplished through proper mulching.


In the above post, I’ve explained how to save a pine tree that is dying. Poor practice/climate results in stressed trees that are prone to pests and diseases. Dehydration is the primary cause of pine tree death in most countries. You need to make a few changes in order to save your dying pine trees. Just make sure you keep your potted pine trees away from heating units, fireplaces, direct sun, or drafty areas. Keeping pine trees in such an environment is not healthy and may cause browning. By learning how to save a dying pine tree, you can revive your pine trees by providing proper care.

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